Root chakra challenge

Welcome to the chakra challenge!

I discovered chakra-specific yoga sequence in Mark Stephens’ book, “Yoga Sequencing.” And I got curious 🧐

Would following these sequences make a difference in my yoga practice? What exactly does each sequence focus on? I know the very basic characteristics of each chakra, but it’s rare (at least in my world) to find a yoga class that specifically focuses on a chakra other than the heart chakra. (No surprise there – most of us are in need of some heart opening.)

So I am following each chakra sequence as diligently as possible, counting the suggested minutes or breaths in each pose, tailoring my meditation to that specific chakra, and surrounding myself with each chakra’s color.

Join me for my first experience following a root chakra sequence 😊 Here are the basics of what I learned:

  • root chakra = muladhara in Sanskrit
  • lots of standing poses
  • each pose is held for a long time (usually 2 minutes)
  • focus on stability and grounding
  • stones: obsidian and hematite
  • meditation pose: Gyan mudra in Lotus pose
  • mantra: “Lam”

I hope you join me In learning how chakras and yoga integrate with each other. Or perhaps you’ll at least find my experience interesting, amusing, or worth a few minutes of your time 🤗

See you for the next one!

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