Solar plexus chakra challenge

Welcome back to the chakra challenge!
In case you missed it, HERE is what I discovered during my root chakra yoga session, and HERE is what I discovered during the sacral chakra yoga session. 

Credit for the chakra yoga sequences come from Mark Stephens’ book, “Yoga Sequencing.”

Here we are with our solar plexus/manipura chakra β€‹πŸ”₯ I was expecting a lot of core work, but the rest was a bit of a surprise!

Join me for my experience following a solar plexus chakra sequence πŸ˜Š Here are the basics of what I learned:

  • solar plexus chakra = manipura chakra in Sanskrit
  • core work and arm balances πŸ˜°
  • each pose is held for approximately 5 breaths
  • focus on fire in the breath and in the body
  • stones: citrine and Libyan desert glass
  • meditation pose: rudra mudra in Virasana
  • mantra: “Ram”

This is the first chakra sequence to introduce a breathing technique other than Ujjayi. During the sequence and before meditation, I practiced Kapalabhati breathing, AKA skull-shining breath. For a in-depth demonstration of this pranayama, check out THIS video.

I hope you join me In learning how the rest of the chakras and yoga integrate with each other. Or perhaps you’ll at least find my experience interesting, amusing, or worth a few minutes of your time πŸ€—

See you for the next one!

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