Heart chakra challenge

This is the one I’ve been really excited for.

If you’ve been following my chakra yoga challenge, you may have noticed that the sequences have been tough. Physically, the root, sacral, and solar plexus sequences have been sweaty and exhausting. Don’t get me wrong – I still loved the flows and the various challenges they provided. But I’d be lying if I said I preferred a heated, high-energy flow to one that’s more relaxing.

So, here we are with our heart/anahata chakra challenge. Credit for the chakra yoga sequences come from Mark Stephens’ book, “Yoga Sequencing.”

Join me for my experience following a heart chakra sequence 💚 Here are the basics of what I learned:

  • heart chakra = anahata chakra in Sanskrit
  • heart-opening and backbends
  • gentle transitions and rest between poses
  • focus on feelings of loving-kindness
  • stones: rose quartz, elmerite, and diopside
  • meditation pose: padma mudra in Sukhasana
  • mantra: “Yam”

The suggested pranayama was ujjayi. In case you’re unfamiliar, ujjayi is commonly referred to as “ocean breath”, though it more accurately translates to “victorious breath”. It sounds a bit like Darth Vader 😆, but you can hear more of my thoughts on ujjayi toward the end of the video.

Personally, the heart chakra is one that I pay special attention to. It’s the connection between the upper and lower chakras, and represents how we feel about ourselves and others. I highly recommend following a heart-opening sequence in your own yoga practice, or scheduling one with me by clicking on the Book Now button 😊


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