Throat chakra challenge

As excited as I was for the heart chakra sequence, I was a bit nervous to move on to this next challenge. 

Both literally and figuratively, the throat chakra is my most unbalanced energy center. I have a long history of strep throat, bronchitis, and laryngitis, not to mention my frequent struggles with communicating what I think and how I feel.

In the days after this challenge, I’ve paid more attention to my throat chakra, drinking warm, herbal teas, increasing my vitamin C intake when I felt a tickle at the back of my throat, and not stopping myself so much before I speak. These tiny changes add up, just like with any new, healthy habits, and I feel that my relationship with my throat chakra is healing tremendously. You never know what an hour of focus can do!

So, here we are with our throat/vishuddha chakra challenge. Credit for the chakra yoga sequences come from Mark Stephens’ book, “Yoga Sequencing.”

Join me for my experience following a throat chakra sequence. Here are the basics of what I learned:

  • throat chakra = vishuddha chakra in Sanskrit
  • backbends and cervical spine mobility
  • focus on expression and noise
  • stones: aquamarine and blue aventurine (most likely)
  • meditation pose: akash mudra in Vajrasana
  • mantra: “Ham”

In addition to the Lion’s breath that was included in Upward Facing Dog at the beginning of the sequence, I added a classic Lion’s breath exercise before meditating. I can’t remember the last time I practiced this pranayama, and now I’m convinced I should do it regularly. My throat felt rejuvenated and soothed, which is a welcome change from all of the battles it’s fought. HERE’S an article I found with more details about this pranayama.

I’m super excited to explore the next chakra in the sequence, and put it all together. The challenge is almost complete! Have you tried any of these yet?


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