No job too small

Let’s play of game of 3 questions.

What are the three questions that someone asks you when you first meet? I’ll give you a moment. When you’re ready, click to read more.

Oh. You already got it? I bet we thought of the same questions.

  1. What’s your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What do you do [for a living]?

I grew up in the U.S. so I’m curious if we’re on the same wavelength here (feel free to comment your own answers 🤓 ).

The problem with these questions (namely the third one) is that we immediately value each other based on our preconceptions of the input and output of the job (what you have to do at your job and how much you get paid for it). I won’t go into specifics on the social psychology of this question – you can read more about that from The Minimalists.

Instead, I want to ask you if you’ve ever felt ashamed of your job. Have you ever dreaded that question? Steered clear of the subject before it was asked? Felt nervous that someone will judge you for the way you earn your living?

I have. A lot. Like all the time. At face value, I figured this was silly because I’ve always felt that someone else’s occupation is not an accurate representation of their talents and abilities. Upon a deeper analysis, I realized I was actually ashamed of myself. I was able to find everyone else’s jobs interesting and valuable to some degree, but I thought that my own job was underwhelming and pitiful.

Well, I have a new mantra to celebrate myself, and I invite you to join me! Wear your strange and lengthy resume with pride. Here are some of the various career paths I started to go down, just to realize they weren’t for me:

  • bookseller
  • residential counselor
  • kennel assistant
  • juicing expert
  • fitness instructor
  • front desk associate

No matter how trivial or un-fancy they may sound, all of the jobs I’ve had have taught me something useful. Remember that you’re on your path to the career meant for you. I’ve finally found mine, and I’d love to hear about yours!

Say it with me: no more job shame! 


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