Third eye chakra challenge

Ah, the third eye. Probably the most well-known chakra in Western society. 

Personally, I’ve gone through phases of following my intuition and ignoring it. (Hint: save yourself the time and effort and just follow it 👍). I don’t particularly like to recall the times I’ve ignored my self, so I was definitely excited to amp up my third eye chakra.

It could be a combination of multiple factors, but in the days following this challenge, I’ve found myself “in flow”. I am in tune with what my body needs, and what will make me happy. Truly happy, not binge-watch-Netflix happy. I’m less tempted by distractions like social media and more inclined to reach for the book I’m reading (“Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell) or spending time writing

So, here we are with the third eye/ajna chakra challenge. Credit for the chakra yoga sequences comes from Mark Stephens’ book, “Yoga Sequencing.”

Join me for my experience following a third eye chakra sequence. Here are the basics of what I learned:

  • third eye chakra = ajna chakra in Sanskrit
  • inversions and static holds
  • focus on inner guidance
  • stones: amethyst and chalkopyrite
  • meditation pose: Kalesvara mudra in Padmasana
  • mantra: “Aum”

As I mentioned in the video, Aum has a beautiful presence around multiple cultures. HERE is some reading in case you’re interested.

The pranayama suggested for this practice was nadi shodhana, also known as alternate nostril breathing. As much as I used to dislike this breath (it always felt like one of my nostrils was difficult to breath through), I now enjoy it very much, and find it to be even more calming than a 4-7-8 breath

I hope you find the time to implement a couple of these elements to enhance and balance your third eye – it’s done wonders for me in just a few days ☺️

See you soon for the last chakra challenge!

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