Is it yoga?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say YOGA?

Warrior 2? Handstands? Someone in cute leggings doing a crazy pose?

I’m really curious. What is the framework of yoga that you’ve absorbed through popular culture, gorgeous Instagram images, or your own experience of a yoga class?

I would argue that most of us from the Western world immediately think of the physical aspect of yoga: the poses. Moving your body through space. And many people don’t realize that the physical part of yoga (called asana) is just a small piece of a much larger whole.

Yoga consists of eight “limbs”. That’s right! Eight different practices that all work together to “yoke” or to become one with. Whether you are yoking your body and mind, or your consciousness with Divine consciousness, the practice of yoga ranges from the cleanliness of your body to the withdrawal of your senses away from external sources. It’s an endless journey that guides you to a more blissful experience of life.

I’ll expand on these eight limbs over time, especially in the context of modern life and how I’ve personally experienced them. In the meantime, take a moment to notice whether your definition of “yoga” has been limited to just one thing. I know that mine was for a long time, as everywhere I saw the word, it was linked to people stretching and sweating and singing “Aum.” 😜

My challenge to you Is to be a little more specific – instead of saying “I really enjoyed that yoga lesson”, try “I really enjoyed that asana sequence”. It may just open your eyes (and someone else’s!) that you have so much more to experience. There’s so much more to learn and discover. 😃 Isn’t that exciting? 


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