Healing your crown chakra

Quick announcement: I’m hosting a free workshop tomorrow, December 30th, to reflect on 2020 and prepare for 2021! Join me by signing up here 😊 I’m also leading a New Year Meditation Challenge, which I’d love for you to join!

We’ve chatted already about how spirituality and religion differ – and how to reconcile them. Let’s step back from comparing and contrasting with religion and focus solely on spirituality now.

Your spiritual health is reflected in your crown chakra. This chakra can be blocked, but the good news is that you have the power to unblock it! Let’s go over some signs that your crown chakra needs some extra love.

You feel disconnected:

Perhaps you’re socially isolated (disconnected from others) or you have dissociating thoughts (disconnect from your Self). We often feel especially disconnected when we spend a lot of time on social media or lost in a TV binge.

To counter this, nourish yourself with a crown chakra meditation and a walk in nature.

You feel depressed:

Perhaps you’ve lost your path and purpose. Depression is also a type of disconnectedness from your Self. It’s different from sadness, which is more temporary and dependent on situational factors. Depression is not an easy abyss to climb out of. I suggest asking for (and accepting) help.

Talk to a professional. They’re trained to help you through this. If you don’t vibe with one therapist or type of therapy, try another. Everyone deals with internal struggles differently, so not each type of treatment will be effective for you. In the meantime, fill your daily routine with affirmations (listed below).

You feel cynical:

Perhaps you criticize and doubt others as well as yourself. Cynicism is the most socially encouraged symptom of spiritual dis-ease; we underestimate its energetic effect. Ask yourself where your cynicism comes from. Often, we get caught up in the negative energy of past events.

If you are the sarcastic type, spend a week speaking with kindness, respect, and approval rather than snide remarks. If you feel better without the sarcasm, you can let it go! If you truly, honestly don’t feel any difference, continue on your way 😌 Regardless of which path you choose, practice an open mind and eyes of love to keep your crown chakra open.

To energize and harmonize your crown chakra, I also suggest regularly utilizing affirmations. Try the following or create your own 💜

✨ I am on my path.

✨ I appreciate the Earth and its beauty.

✨ I honor all people.

✨ I trust my higher purpose.

✨ I accept the divinity within myself.

✨ I honor my divine spirit.

✨ I trust my higher purpose.

✨ My spirit is eternal.

How does that feel? I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts and experiences with your own spirituality.

In January, we’ll be taking a closer look at another part of the Circle of Life. Until then, have a lovely New Year 🤗

Stay radiant,


P.S. Looking for a yoga practice specifically for your crown chakra? Check out my video here.

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