Why is physical activity important anyway?

Regular exercise decreases your risk of developing dis-ease and illness. What does “regular” mean? Aim for 30 minutes every day. Include a variety of movements into your routine, including all the categories of activity I mentioned in my last post.

Here’s a very short and sweet list of how you may benefit from incorporating regular exercise into your life:

✨ improves your mood

✨ boosts your energy

✨ reduces the risk of disease

✨ helps you sleep

✨ enhances brain health

You can look up the details on your own, if you like 🤓

What does a balanced week of exercise look like? It’s different for everyone, but here’s an example of what a moderate workout plan for a busy parent might look like:

Physical ActivityCategory
Monday45 min. slow flow yogaDynamic stretch + Bodyweight training
Tuesday20 min. biking + 10 min. stretchHIIT cardio + Static stretch
Wednesday30 min. lower body trainingWeight training
Thursday30 min. dancing / active play with the kidsLISS cardio
Friday30 min. upper body trainingWeight training
SaturdayRest day / gentle stretchingRejuvenation*
Sunday60 min. family walkLISS cardio
All exercises should include a warm up and cool down appropriate for the activity.

Of course, this is just an example. For some, this would be unrealistic; for others, this would be a simple incorporation to their daily routine. My point is, it’s important to use our bodies in various ways that challenge both our muscles and our brain. Without physical health, it’s very difficult to focus on any other area of health on the Circle of Life.

Long story short, our bodies were made to MOVE. If your goal is to move more this year, I suggest adapting the above plan to your own needs. Need some guidance? Feel free to schedule a free health coaching consultation with me 🥰

Stay radiant,


*Rest wasn’t included in my previous post about what healthy exercise looks like, but it is an imperative part of leading a healthy lifestyle. I’ll cover this in my next post, so stay tuned ☺️

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