Doing nothing

Honestly, it’s something I struggle with.

I associate doing nothing with the abyss of depression that I’ve sunk into too many times before. But there’s a difference between feeling paralyzed by despair and allowing yourself to simply be. And it’s not something that’s acceptable in the culture I grew up in.

I was always praised for working hard. Of course! Duh! If you grew up in American or Polish (or hybrid) culture like I did, you most likely won’t even think twice about equating hard work with personal value. So let’s break this down for a second.

Am I less worthy as a human being if I rest instead of doing something “productive”? Are you less valuable as a person if you lay on the couch/beach/poolside rather than read a book or do extra work?

Pause for a moment and read that again, aloud if you can.

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Did you answer “yes”? Did you feel like maybe you want to answer “no”? Why?

I’m so curious to hear what you think about this because I personally have a very hard time unpacking this – that’s how ingrained “hard work = value” has sunk in my subconscious. I actually feel like a terrible person if I sit on the couch all day. Can I call it productive if I’m resting? But why do I always have to be productive in the first place? Are dogs productive? No, yet they’re consistently the happiest creatures I’ve ever met.

So what am I missing here? Are you missing it too? Doing nothing is scary for those of us who place our worth as human beings into the work we do. Am I improving myself? Am I helping the world? No? So I’m a waste of human cells? Sure, I can want to improve myself, I can want to help the world, but even if I’m not actively doing those things, I am worthy of being. Simply being, not doing. And you are too.

That’s who we are: human beings, not human doings.

If you give yourself a hard time (like I do), for doing nothing, remember that. And maybe give yourself a break.

Stay radiant,


P.S. If you’re ready to simply be, join me for my next Yoga Nidra session by signing up here.

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