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Just ask (a story about sliced bread)

I still get anxious before I talk to someone. It’s a little twinge of hesitation and fear, but I’ve had a lot of practice by now. I still always go through the question in my head a few times, making sure it’ll come out of my mouth the same way it was originally intended.

What is Yoga Nidrā?

Imagine that you are falling asleep. Your body experiences various stages of sleep, including the deep sleep cycle, the type of sleep during which your brain emits delta waves. Now imagine that you remain conscious for this state of being.

Doing nothing

I was always praised for working hard. Of course! Duh! If you grew up in American or Polish (or hybrid) culture like I did, you most likely won’t even think twice about equating hard work with personal value. So let’s break this down for a second.

Why we’re looking at strangers all wrong

Put simply, the FAE is a tendency that we overestimate how much someone’s personal attributes are influencing their actions, and we underestimate how much that someone’s situation is influencing their actions. Sorry to break it to you, fellow earthlings, but humans make a lot of mistakes that we are not always aware of.


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I’m Emily, health coach and yoga instructor. I’m deeply invested in teaching others how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I also love to share my life experiences – stories help us understand and be compassionate with each other.